Friday Club

July 2017 Update: Friday Club was retired in May 2017. In its place there is now the Fear Hack. See Hilary’s website or the bookings page on eventbrite here.  

Friday Club was started by Hilary Gallo and Alison Sayers in September 2016 and meets on a Friday as close as we can (which sometimes is not close at all) to the last Friday of the month, in the afternoon.

What we do is to make a safe space for you to develop courage.

Our goal is to help you to work on whatever it is that makes you nervous about what lies ahead, perhaps in the coming week or month.

We want to help you re-frame how you feel so that you can approach whatever is making you fearful with curiosity, playfulness, and interest, and, with the help of the group, enjoy the thing that part of you wishes you could avoid!

We help the group to think about their fears

and to experience it in their bodies

then we do something special to finish – where you get to befriend your fear.

Overall, we give form to fear, share some tools and bring it all together in a conversation.

We get to change our relationship with our fears and to learn from them.

It’s a three hour workshop in Central London, it’s fun and we charge as little as we can because it’s a not for profit enterprise – now in association with Conway Hall.

Friday Club is for everyone and is a powerful thing to do in a group. The group is supportive and we also get to see how fear shows up for other people – by talking about it, we get to “normalise” it.

“Fantastic insights and incredibly thought provoking – really glad I went and I’m absolutely going to use the lessons learned:-)” – one CEO participant on Twitter 

“Friday Club is a place to meet your fears, look them in the eye and say “outside, in the car park, now!”. Little do your fears know that you have a bunch of emotionally-burly friends on your side.”

Said to us 45 minutes in to the first running: “I Love it! The fire alarm could go now and I’d go away already having learnt loads and being happy!” 

The booking details for workshops are here. We offer an early bird deal so best book your place now.

At the end of 2016 we agreed an association with Conway Hall which resulted in us moving Friday Club to a new home at their venue Conway Hall on Red Lion Sq in Holborn. This is an exciting partnership and will allow us to develop and grow the club.

Friday Club – May (12th) 2017 – SOLD OUT

Friday Club – February (17th) 2017 – SOLD OUT

Friday Club – November (25th) 2016 – SOLD OUT

Friday Club – September 2016 – SOLD OUT

Thank you to top illustrator and kind friend Simon Heath for our befriended mouse and elephant.

Although we are happy to try it we don’t hold out Friday Club as the solution for phobias – such as fear of flying or spiders or anything deeply psychologically rooted like that.

Panel 1

This is about…

…having a healthy relationship with fear. 

Don’t let your fear be a ghost. Put bones in the ghost and it is no longer quite so terrifying. 

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